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Ceremonies at  The Barn

There are lots of different options available to you regarding your wedding ceremony.  Some couples get married in the traditional way in the local Church and then come to The Barn for their wedding celebration.  However, lots of couples prefer not to have a church wedding and instead have a ceremony at The Barn.

Is The Barn Licenced for Civil Ceremonies? 

The Barn is now fully licenced to host your Civil Wedding Ceremony.  Your ceremony can take place either inside The Barn, or outside overlooking the sea.  Once you have booked your wedding date at The Barn, you can then contact the Devon Registration Service to book a Registrar to conduct your Ceremony.  It's really quick and easy to book your Registrar by following the link below and then selecting The Barn for their approved venue list.

We recommend that you contact the Registration Service as soon as possible after booking The Barn, to make sure they have someone available for your preferred ceremony date and time.

Who will conduct my Ceremony at The Barn?


If you would prefer to hold an alternative wedding ceremony at The Barn, you can choose to bring in an independent Wedding Celebrant, Humanist Celebrant or even ask one of your family or friends to conduct your ceremony at The Barn.  These types of ceremonies are usually used as a celebration of marriage but are not currently recognised as legal ceremonies in England.

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